Urea solution (AdBlue®) PBlue®

Urea soluzione (AdBlue®) PBlue®

Urea solution (AdBlue®) PBlue®

Product identifier
Product Name: Urea Solution for Automotive Use (AdBlue®)
Product type: liquid

Identified uses:
Industrial use for the reduction of nitrogen and sulfur oxides in exhaust gases.

AdBlue® is a solution of 32.5% urea and demineralized water.
Not all the urea on the market can be used for the production of AdBlue® but only the one with specific technical characteristics.
Urea in granules that used as fertilizer, due to the impurities contained, cannot be used for the production of AdBlue®.
The use of out-of-specification urea irreversibly damages vehicles’ catalysts, pumps and the injectors of the causing very high repair costs.
PBlue® is AdBlue® that complies with the highest production and quality standards against the risk of impurities, ensuring the elimination of any out-of-specification risk.

Sizes for sale:

  • 10 Lt can
  • 20 Lt tank
  • IBC of 1000 Lt
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