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Peritas: Established in 1972

The leader company for production, distribution and transport of chemical products.

Quality management system

Grants a high level of quality at all stages, for the direct benefit of our customers.

Our certifications

They allow us to offer the best products and best services on the Southern Italian market.

Testing and warranty checks

They assure that every single delivered product and service is free from defects.

What we do


The production plants

In 2006 is the first ammonia dilution and granular urea dissolution plant founded in Southern Italy.

Active plants:

  • production of Demi Water with a production capacity of 12 m3 / hr
  • production of ammonia solution production capacity of about 300 t / d
  • urea production solution production capacity of 180 t / d
Position to add fuel and to add AdBlue fluid to the passenger car

PBLUE®: ADBLUE® of the highest quality

NOx reduction (nitrogen oxides, dioxins) has become a primary requirement for the precious environmental protection.


  • 32.5% urea solution
  • very high purity
  • green call
Truck long vehicle ready for delivering and transport.

360 ° safety

We boast highly trained drivers and highly safe vehicles that deliver our products every day throughout all Southern Italy.


  • throughout Southern Italy
  • highly safety standards tank trucks
  • drivers with many years of experience

Certified company

Our certifications confirm that our company adopts a system of rules, responsibility chain, controls and procedures that comply with the ISO family of standards.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015


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