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Our headquarter is located in the industrial area of Brindisi, in the heart of Puglia, overlooking the Adriatic Sea; occupies an area of 17000 square meters of which 1000 indoor, divided between offices and production plant, our warehouses are organized by product category and have a storage capacity of 720 cubic meters for 24.5% ammonia solution and 300 cubic meters for 40% urea solution and 900 cubic meters for demi water, we are currently in the expansion phase for additional 600 square meters for ammonia solution plant.

Peritas Chemical Division srl manages also a Demi Water production plant (consisting of an ultrafiltration plant and subsequent treatment by reverse osmosis) assuring a production capacity of 12 mc / hrs, an ammonia production plant with relevant production capacity of about 300 t / d and an urea production plant with a production capacity of 180 t / d.

Today Peritas Chemical Division srl is a leader company in Southern Italy for the production, distribution and transport of chemical products, used in the abatement of emissions into the atmosphere.


1972 - The beginnings.

The Owner Dr. Prof. Ferrero Cafaro founded the Peritas (insurance experts and surveyors).

2000 - The new generation

The company is headed by Dr. Giovanni Cafaro, the second generation with a green vocation.

2006 - First plant

First plant in Southern Italy for ammonia dilutions in cooperation with Yara Italia with a storage capacity of 400 cubic meters.

2010 - Expansion

The first expansion of the storage capacity of the ammonium solution from 400 up to 720 cubic meters.

2013 - New plant

New urea solution production plant construction with a storage capacity of 300 cubic meters.

2022 - Capacity increase

Expansion with a storage increased capacity for ammonium solution from 720 up to over 1000 cubic meters.

50 Years of experience

A modern chemical company must set itself the goal of optimizing the impact of everyday life on the environment.


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Our Mission

Is the reason why we are considered reliable by our customers today as we provide them with the best quality products / services:

  • Great attention in every single activity we carry out every day
  • Everyone is important: from top management to every single employee
  • Best Available Technology or Best Available Techniques (BAT)
  • Innovation has always been one of our main constant values over time
  • Our main goal is to best serve all of our customers
  • Our vocation to optimize the impact on the environment of everyday life

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